Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Good day, Bonjour, Guten Tag and Aloha - welcome to Koziol's Kultural Kringe. That intro probably overestimated the diverse international readership this blog will one day enjoy, but you have to foresee these things.

This blog will be a repository for much witty repartee and reflection on politics, media, marketing, music, and general esoteric culture. One hopes this collection will come to command respect and devotion akin to the columns of the great Annabel Crabb or Ross Gittins, though, as ever, no expectations = no disappointment.

A word about the blog's origins: the Koziol's Kultural Kringe was the name of a column I occasionally wrote in the high school student magazine I helped create in 2004. It was an offensive and juvenile title then, and it remains an offensive and juvenile title now - but one that at least ties this blog to the magic and innocence of youth and will hopefully keep it was fresh and exciting as those heady days of yore.

With glasses raised in optimism,


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