Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On the campain trail - Wed 11th August

Things are only getting better this week as Tony Abbott stumbled on the 7.30 Report last night over broadband. Even if he was able to articulate his policy correctly, he would probably still be ashamed - the Coalition's NBN-lite promises only a 12mbs connection for 97% of Australians, compared to 100mbs for 99% under Labor.

It is about time Labor got more mileage out of this policy, it being one of the better ones to emerge from this shambolic 3 year term. The NBN, aside from providing the joy of the internet, is also a major piece of economic infrastructure with the potential to add to this country's fledgling productivity levels.

The Coalition cannot be allowed to neutralize the issue by putting forth an alternative plan which, though vastly inferior, is accepted by the electorate because it is seen as a cheaper version of the same thing. But if this government's previous failures in selling policies to the people are anything to go by, they may not make the most of this.

One can only hope the schadenfreude we were blessed with last night continues when TA makes his appearance on Q&A on Monday night.

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